Why Kitten Easy Feeder

Kitten Easy Feeder came about because of existing problems with feeding kittens by hand. It's hard for them to suckle from a feeding bottle because it is not a natural way for them to feed. At the same time the commitment to hand rear takes time and patience to be successful and not having to hold the bottle saves time and allows the kittens to have a more natural experience it becomes a much more instinctive and intuitive act for the kittens. The Kitten Easy Feeder mimics their mother's belly.

After their first experience of hand rearing kittens many people don't want to try it again because it is so difficult. With Kitten Easy Feeder we just have to dedicate a few goes to teach the kittens how to use it and they will learn how to drink the milk by themselves.

See the pictures below to see how well the kittens in the video have done.