• Kittens may take a few minutes or goes before they get used to suckling from the Kitten Easy Feeder. This is common with any artificial feeding bottle.
  • When using the Kitten Easy Feeder with newborn kittens the cut in the artificial nipple should be smaller. This creates a suitable milk flow for smaller kittens.
  • Mix the right amount of powdered milk and water recommended by the milk manufacturer. Do not keep the milk that the kittens didn't drink.
  • Do not fill it up with milk until the top, pressure makes milk come out through the top hole. See the draw below.Limit Llet
  • Once the Kitten Easy Feeder has been used wash out carefully. IT IS NECESSARY FOR THE KITTEN EASY FEEDER TO BE STERILISED BEFORE EACH FEED.
  • Find a suitable position for the Kitten Easy Feeder so that if the kittens take a short break it will remain stable and they can easily come back to finish their meal.
  • This product is made in Catalonia and nobody has been exploited in its production.